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These conditions have been created with your safety in-mind. Please read them carefully and contact us if you have any questions. These terms change from time to time and it is your responsability to re-read at each time of booking.
You must be in relatively good physical condition to participate and by participating you assume the personal risks involved. All our day trips and tours are geared towards people above the age of 16 nevertheless on some trips we'll accept people as young as 6 years of age - sometimes younger depending on the trip. Please note that this Website is just a posting/listing service and does not recommend nor endorse any of the trips listed within the entire website. All trip listings on this website are operated/owned by people that are not part of Adventure Seeker Tours. These companies have their own 'Terms and Conditions' and Liability waivers that you must follow in order to participate in the their activities including but not limited to Hot Air Ballooning, Hang Gliding, Dog Sledding, all herein posted Rock Climbing/Ziplining adventures, skydiving, caving, rock courses, technical training, paddling and any other trips/events that are posted on this website. By signing up for one of the above trips/tours you release Adventure Seeker Tours, our guides and operators of all liability and forward any such cases directly to the company/organization that runs the particular tour. For further information regarding such policies feel free to email us and we will send you these operator's policy and terms + conditions document.
Cancellation Policy
We don't like wasting your time, and hope that you don't waste ours thus all our trips and tours are sold on a final sale basis. If you can no longer make your trip, CANCELLATION is minimum 3 DAYS NOTICE for all tours, except for dog sledding, dog sledding due to logistics requires 30 days notice. No shows will result in loss of reschedule privilages and will lose the full value of their tour multiplied by the number of people they registered. If you cancel your tour within 3 business days notice (or 30 days for dog sledding), you may reschedule your tour for another available date. You can also change your reservation to another person if you can no longer attend without notice. Should you make a reservation and fail to call us to reschedule/cancel for your originally scheduled date within the 3 DAYS NOTICE there will be a 'no-show'/cancellation fee involved covering the full value of your trip multiplied by the number of people you registered (if they also do not show up). We/our providers reserve the right to cancel/reschedule trips due to weather or other unforsceen circumstances upon which time you will be notifed with as much notice as possible.
We reserve the right to cancel any event mainly due to the fact that we cannot control the weather and other possible unexpected events. Upon such cancellation a full refund will be granted to those signed up or a rain check will be awarded for the trip to be rescheduled at a later date for the same price as the original trip. Prior to leaving for your adventure each participant will be asked to sign a Release of Liability Waiver - this simply means that you, by participating in the event, take sole responsibility for your actions and well-being, and that you assume the risks involved. In addition, you forever release Adventure Seeker Tours, our guides, our providers, third parties or any other party affiliated with Adventure Seeker Tours services from any liability whatsoever.

We/our partners, third parties etc., also reserve the right to remove anyone from the group that we believe is a threat to other participants, that person will not receive any refund and will be forbidden to further participate on the trip and potentially on any future trips. These Terms and Conditions, trip prices, dates and itineraries are not "set in stone" and will change from time to time without notice and it is your responsibility to review these conditions every time you book a trip.
The photographs you see on this website are representative of the locations you will be visiting, however some photographs are provided to help provide a good feeling of what you might see while on some of our tours. These photos are here for your viewing pleasure and majority of the photographs have been taken by one of our in-house photographers. Some hang gliding images are kindly provided by Michael Robertson of High Perspective. Hot air balloon photography is kindly provided by Dave Falla. Rock climbing and ice climbing photography is provided by One Axe Pursuits.
Major credit cards accepted by our providers include VISA and Mastercard. Majority of the trips require full payment in advance or a non refundable deposit. GIFT CERTIFICATES are FINAL SALE - No refunds once issued. All prices are in Canadian Funds and are subject to HST (13%) unless otherwise noted on the trip listing page.
Your personal information will never be sold to anyone.
We value personal privacy as much as you do and we stand behind our guarantee: Your personal information will never be sold to anyone, and that's a promise.
Upon signing up for a trip, whether you personally fill out our online registration form, enroll via email or directly through the phone you are immediately bound to our Agreement to Participate and Forever Release. This also applies to you if you were registered by a friend with whom you will partake in the activity with. Prior to the commencement of your trip you will also be asked to sign a waiver. However should you fail to provide a signed waiver or for a reason one cannot be provided the below Agreement shall be in full effect, between you, your heirs, executors, administrators as assigned even though a written waiver was never signed. In consideration of participating in an Adventure Seeker Tours//Upward Bound//High Perspective/North Ridge Ranch/OneAxe/AirDisplay/Toronto Parachute School or any posting on this website, planned or referred trip/outing/tour, I hereby release and forever discharge the aforementioned organizations, their officers, directors, servants and agents for any liability whatsoever arising as a result of my or my children's participation in these programs and I declare that this release is binding upon me, my heirs, executors, administrators as assigned. I also realize that the aforementioned are not liable for any theft from vehicles or otherwise and may alter a trip due to interruptions in government services, weather conditions, group abilities, or other uncontrollable events without penalty to the organizers. Alterations to plans can and do occur but reasonable attempts to complete a program as described in the online brochure will be made. I am aware that certain activities can be physically demanding and that I must be in adequate health and reasonably fit. If at any time I question my ability or my physical comfort I will advise the group leader and may withdraw from any activity before participating without refund. By participating in new activities and in new surroundings I realize I must be extra cautious of slippery conditions, leaving the group leaders company etc. Further, I am aware most activities will be conducted in the outdoors in all kinds of weather and there will be dangers and hazards which cannot be foreseen; as well as complications due to inaccessibility of medical facilities. I acknowledge they may result in loss or damage to personal property and injury or fatality to the person.
Okay! Enough of this legality ~ let's have some fun!