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Whether you are an experienced jumper, are new to the sport, or just want to watch from the ground you'll enjoy the facility, conveniently located just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Come fly and feel the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!
A Tandem jump is a quick and simple way to experience the whole range of thrills available in skydiving - including a long freefall and canopy ride - while riding with a highly experienced instructor.

When: We provide tandem jumps all day on weekends and holidays, and late afternoon on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays - from May to October. Booking your jump in advance is a good idea, however if you're flexible with regard to time there are frequently even spaces available at the last minute. Once you're ready to book you can book online or call/email us.
What You Need

Training: The training for a tandem jump is not long since there is not a lot that you, as a tandem passenger, have to do. The half-hour briefing is all you will need to learn everything you need to know.

After the briefing, you and your tandem instructor (also known as tandem master or tandem pilot) put on your equipment. The two of you will share a parachute system, with your harnesses securely connected together. Then it's off to the plane...
The Jump: The ride to your jump altitude (usually 13,500 feet!) takes approximately 12 minutes. You'll have lots of time to appreciate the amazing view as your adrenaline level slowly builds: the patchwork quilt of farmland around you, the blue of Lake Simcoe, and in the other direction the skyline of Toronto. Then it's time to go...

"Get ready!...Set!...Go!!" You and your instructor dive out of the plane into freefall - there's nothing holding you up but the air rushing by. You can feel the pressure of the wind as your speed builds to about 200 km/h. Your instructor activates the drogue parachute which keeps you from going too fast. You have lots of time - about a full minute - to experience the sensation of riding the wind, watching the ground approach ever so slowly closer.
Your instructor activates your parachute and you feel a firm tug from above. A few seconds later the two of you are riding under your beautiful open canopy. The flight back down takes around five minutes so you have plenty of time to look around and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, have fun with the canopy, and talk with your instructor. At the end of your ride your instructor expertly brings the canopy in for a gentle landing.

Post-Jump: Your instructor will debrief the jump with you and if you ordered video and/or pictures then you can check them out before you take them home to show them off!
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The Solo - sometimes called "static line" or "IAD" - is the most cost-effective way to experience the thrill of skydiving. It is generally a whole-day excursion, with training (about four to five hours) and your jump happening on the same day, weather permitting.

When: You arrive at the drop zone (the standard term for a skydiving area) by 9:30 a.m. for class registration. If the weather is good, there's a decent chance that you'll get to see other jumpers flying through the air before your class starts at 10:00. Please be prepared to be here as late as dark. Although you may be jumping well before sunset, the weather and other factors can sometimes have students jumping close to then.
We teach the course on weekends and holidays year-round. Reservations or deposits are not necessary! We'll teach the course whether there's one person or fifty.

What You Need

What You Learn:
Your class instructor will teach you everything you need to know to make that big leap of faith with confidence. You spend some time learning the general theory behind skydiving, but most of the day is spent rehearsing the physical skills you'll need: exiting the aircraft, arching and counting until your main parachute opens, flying your parachute home, and landing gently. You'll also work hard on what to do in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your main parachute and you need to use your reserve. The whole class takes about five hours on average.
When You Get to Jump: Once the class is finished, weather permitting, your class will start gearing up for the jump in the order in which you arrived for registration. Generally, we manage to get the whole class in the air before we have to stop jumping at sunset; though poor weather can stymie us. Even if you don't get to jump the same day, that's okay - you just come back on a day with decent weather any day we're open in the next sixty days, and we'll try again. If you do have to come back, try to come early in the day - once the day's class is out, they have priority, since they have been there since 9:00. If it has been more than sixty days since your training, you will need a quick refresher course. It takes an hour and only costs $15.
Regular Season | May to October (Thursday - Monday)
Cool Season | November - April (Friday - Sunday)

Weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m
Weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Price per person + HST (13%):
May - September: $299

October: $279, November: $259 Dec - Feb: $229
March: $249 April: $269

Video or Photos: $99 OR Video & Photo's Package: $125

Meeting Location:
Parachute School of Toronto Limited at 5714 Smith Blvd., Baldwin, Ontario, Canada
Only 40 Minutes north of Toronto
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Weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m
Weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Parachute School of Toronto Limited
5714 Smith Blvd., Baldwin, Ontario, Canada
Only 40 Minutes north of Toronto
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Regular Season | May to October (Thursday - Monday)
Cool Season | November - April (Friday - Sunday)

Price per person:
$299 + HST (13%)
Video or Photos: $99
Video & Photo's Package: $125
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Parachute School of Toronto Limited is a great place to make your first jump! Offering Solo and Tandem skydiving so you can choose the type of jump that suits you the best. Take the Solo First Jump Course and fly by yourself, or register for a Tandem skydive and freefall for up to sixty seconds harnessed to one of the veteran instructors.
The Jump Itself: When it is your turn, a staff member will help you gear up and make sure your parachute system is safe. Then it's off to the plane with your instructor and as many as four other students. Then it's the ten-minute climb to the jump altitude of 3,000 ft or higher - more than half a mile above the ground. Time to savour the trickle of adrenaline, while remembering that your class has taught you everything that you need to know to make your jump, and you know how to handle any unusual situations.

Your turn. Your instructor beckons you forward, and tells you to get into position. Then, "Get ready!... GO!!" and you're off, falling away from the aircraft, looking up at your instructor, and focussing on your arch and count. A few seconds later - that can feel like no time at all, or a lifetime - you feel a firm tug, and your parachute blossoms gently over your head. You check it over, thank your particular deity of choice, grab the steering toggles, and start listening to the ground coach over the radio.
With the coach's help, you get to play a little with your parachute and enjoy the scenery again while you steer yourself back to the landing area. The buzz from the adrenaline at this point is pretty powerful, and you get a couple of minutes during your peaceful ride down to relish the feeling. Then, with coaching, you bring yourself to a gentle landing back on the drop zone.

Post-Jump: You gather up your equipment and head back to the skydiving building, where you can come down a bit from the high and watch the video of your jump taken from the plane. If you'd like a copy as a memento, they are available at a reasonable cost.

Perhaps the best part is telling your friends, co-workers, family, or classmates all about it when you see them next. They'll be jealous...