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To register click the RED 'make a reservation' button or call, when you call, you need to provide the following:
1) Your full name, cell phone #, and email address
2) Approx. weight for your self and of everyone in your group
3) Payment with credit card # for a $25 per person deposit (non-refundable). The $25 is not an additional fee, it is just a deposit to hold your reservation and part of your total flight cost. You will pay the balance when you take your flight.

To book/make a reservation click the "Check Availability" button below and fill out the information, or call Agnes at 416-898-3573 during office hours.
Many children and adults dream of flying, unfortunately nature did not give us this remarkable ability. Not to worry! Hang-gliding literally lets you fly like a bird! This tranquil, calm flight will make those flying dreams a reality. Come and soar as high as 2000 feet with the guidance of a certified instructor. Your instructor will also take care of all the flying and technicalities so you can take in the surrounding sights and experience this sensation even more! Just you and your pilot!

This tandem hang gliding discovery flight allows you to experience the feeling and freedom of flight by the side of a certified professional. The glider is launched from a flat field upon special wheels - no running required ;). Here, you and your pilot will be towed up with a hydraulic winch until you are up to altitude where the tow line is released and you are both free to soar the open sky. When it is time to land your instructor will bring you both in safely for a gentle touch down on the wheels. To help put things in height perspective you'll reach heights that surpass that of the CN Tower! Now that will be a story to tell your friends! Sign up today for this amazing trip that just might turn into a spectacular hobby! This is an experience not to be missed and must be tried at least once in your lifetime.

Please note that due to the weight restrictions of our gliders, passengers must weigh 60-250 pounds. There is no age restriction but anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

Included: Tandem flight reaching a guaranteed height of 1000 feet minimum, and services of a certified flight instructor.
TANDEM HANG GLIDING over 30,000 ACRES - North of Pickering, Ontario
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If it's to try it once, then a tandem is the way to go. It takes about 30 minutes all together. If you were trying a flight to see if you might want to learn how; a better alternative is a 'Low and Slow' session. The price is the same as a tandem but it takes 2-4 hours and is done solo on a large glider close to the ground. You sort of duplicate the Wright Bros. flights in length. These lessons need to be booked early and late in the day as they have a narrower weather window, that is, the winds need to be light.

By choosing a Low & Slow, if you were to continue, your entire fee of about $150 would be deducted from the course cost since that session is the start of a course. If you decided to do a tandem after doing a Low & Slow, the tandem would be half price and you would be able to fly the almost the entire flight (with the instructor ready to assist if necessary).

Our gift certificates are good for either a tandem or a low and slow. The recipient can choose which they would prefer to do.

Our Beginner Course is approximately 40 hours comprised of; six or seven 2-4 hour flight training sessions done early of late in the day when the winds are light and smooth and, a ground school of five theory lectures, most of which are available on DVD.

The course includes: the text, notebooks, glider rentals, harnesses,
helmets, & instruction.

You will qualify for a Novice theory rating upon passing the quiz and will be well on your way to Novice practical as well.

The flight training can be booked 7 days a week from mid April ‘til late November and occasional weekends in the winter. We progress gradually, according to individual ability and aptitude, from short flights a foot or two in the air to long tows to about 500 feet altitude. Our students get more airtime in a single flight near the end of the course now than we used to get in out entire beginner course when we used to teach on hills.

Following the typical graduation flight you release, box the field and land back at the end from which you launched. We can certify you for Canadian or US ratings and our programs are recognized world wide as state of the art. We have students come from all over the world because they know they can finish the Beginner (and sometimes Novice) Course in a week depending on the weather. Using the stationary winch technique we can accommodate any wind direction.

Flying is not a test of skill or endurance but more a lesson in relaxation and concentration. We've found that the most natural students are: wind surfers, cyclists or motorcyclists, sailors, people that have thought about it for a long time and women (naturally more relaxed:) This course does not include any tandem flights but we may substitute tandems for regular flying if conditions are not favourable for student flying. Tandem flights can also be taken at anytime to compliment your regular instruction at a reduced rate.
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Flight Season: MAY - OCTOBER

WEEKDAYS PRICE Per Person plus HST (13%) - $160
WEEKENDS PRICE Per Person plus HST (13%) - $175

Meeting Location: 1150 Hwy 7, RR #1, Locust Hill (North of Pickering), ON L0H 1J0 - Approx. 30 Minutes from Toronto
Flight Season: MAY - DECEMBER (Weather Permitting)

Price per person plus HST (13%): LOW & SLOW TRIAL LESSON: $160
$1095 includes registration, lectures & all lessons.

Meeting Location:
1150 Hwy 7, RR #1, Locust Hill (North of Pickering), ON L0H 1J0 - Approx. 30 Minutes from Toronto

Lesson Times: Everyday in the early mornings and/or late afternoons. Evening lessons available too.
Flight Times:
11am - 6pm DAILY weather permitting
Air Time: 10-20 Minutes Altitude: 1000 Feet minimum
Weight restriction: 60 lbs min to 240 lbs max

Additional Flight Options:
In-flight photography: $40 plus HST (13%)
Deluxe flight (increase air time+height):
$75 plus HST (13%)
Group Discounts:
WEEKEND group Discounts:
$160.00 for the second person.
$150.00 for third person & $150 each for 4 to 9 people.
Ten or more people $140.00 each + HST (13%)

WEEKDAY group Discounts:
$150.00 for the second person.
$140.00 for the third person & $140 each for 4 to 9 people.
Ten or more people 130 each + HST (13%)